Carbon neutral

All BioPak products are certified carbon neutral

We strive to minimise any negative impacts our business has on the environment. We were the first packaging company to become Carbon Neutral in Australia and New Zealand in 2010. This means we purchase carbon credits to compensate for the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions created through the production, transportation and disposal of our products.

Each carbon credit or offset, relates to 1 tonne of CO2 equivalent green house gas emissions that have been avoided by funding a renewable energy or tree planting project.

The Carbon Reduction Institute independently verifies and reports on our emissions. 

As many of our products are produced in China our carbon offsets are currently funding a wind farm called The Wulabo Wind Power Project. These offsets positively contribute to reducing pollution in China whilst also creating local employment.

The Wulabo Wind Power Project is expected to generate 95,430 MWh of electricity annually. About 89,080MWh of this wind electricity will be commercially delivered to the Northwest power grid every year. By replacing coal power this project is responsible for offsetting 83,468tCO2 annually. This is equivalent to emissions generated by 11,958 average homes in Australian and New Zealand every year. Read more.

Watch this video to find out more about our carbon fooprint

Tons of CO2 emissions offset since 2010

We measure, reduce where possible and then offset any remaining greenhouse gas emissions associated with our products and operations.

136,154.9 tons of CO2 is the equivalent to: